Career development: An important service we provide to the community, particularly to school children, youth, their parents and people seeking better employment is counselling about career development. We address various issues through training and counselling such as preparing for employment or business, knowing about self, planning for future, taking interviews, and landing on a job.

Aptitude testing: It is important that people find a fit between what they are, what they want and what they do. The vital connection among these three is the key to success in careers and life. Aptitudes are basically your talents – for example, writing, reading, doing numbers, dancing and music, and analyzing problems. Visit this section to see more of aptitudes and how to take a test so that you will get to revealing more of your amazing potentials.

Career futures: This is a gateway to employment markets. We connect employers and job seekers through recruitment services and selection advice. Here, you also find a gallery of cases showing how people have made their way to success in life – stories of success, and journeys through ups and downs. Also connect to job opportunities globally.