GSME Serves Two Categories of Client Needs

Executive Development

UK Certified Training: Continuing competency acquisition and capacity building are fundamental needs of professionals in management, business and education. There are many executives looking for quality and challenging learning opportunities to improve their English as well as communication skills. This is a generic competency that is essential for executives who are planning career advancement. GSME offers a unique opportunity for them with the following Certificate Course of the UK Awards


    Certificate Course (6 months)
    where theories, practices and experiences in Business English and Communication are blended with management, business and psychology.

With this Certificate,

Business Development

Winning organizations are competitive and changing. They change technology, processes, products and markets and above all, their people. Our trainers, consultants, and resource persons are ready to assess company needs and provide solutions, especially in the following areas:

  • Studies and Planning

    Understanding the competitive environment of business requires systematic compilation and analysis of information. Research and studies are becoming an essential part of managing enterprises in the fast changing and risky environments affected by COVID – 19. GSME undertakes projects for

    a.Analysis of organizations, markets and environments
    b.Strategic analysis and corporate planning

  • Managing HR

    Talent management is a continuing challenge with the new type employees whose commitment to organizations and even careers has become vulnerable. Developing both competencies and commitment at the cost of the employer is an exercise that requires much disciplined thought. GSME is equipped to offer HR training, with style, for the following organizational purposes

    a. Employee training for generic skills – interpersonal relations, teamwork and productivity improvement

    b. Entrepreneurship training for employees to be more creative, business-thinking, and preparing for restructuring

    c.CRM training where customer relationships are developed into assets of the organization


The work of GSME is guided by a philosophy of developing and providing services that help business’s sustainable growth in the long-run. We offer alternatives that justify costs and benefits, enhance domestic productive capacity and indigenous innovation, and move towards holistic development. More specifically, we believe in developing businesses with a strong domestic value chain, and addressing persisting problems of people while contributing to environmental health (e.g.: agri-business and food, SMEs, health products, cultural tourism, and export of local produce)


In essence, training is to improve the fit between employee competencies and job requirement. Proper organization and job analysis is an essential part of the beginning of a systematic effort to employee training. In our training projects, we pay attention to design and delivery quality, especially in:

Resource Staff

English and Communication Certificate Course
Prof. Gunapala Nanayakkara
Course Leader
Mr. Sameera Wijesiri, Director, School of Languages and Design, NIBM
English & Communication
Ms. Shalini Nanayakkara, Department of English, University of British Columbia, Canada
English Literature
Training in Business & Management
Mr. Parakrama Girihagama, Former Country Head in Bangladesh for Maliban Biscuits; HR Consultant
Program Coordinator
Mr. Ranjeewa Kulatunga, Director, Chief Consultant, International Institute of Human Resource Management, Sri Lanka
Human Resource Management and Development
Mr. Tharindu Nanayakkara, CTRS Solutions Ltd. Canada
Financial Management
Dr. Sarath Buddadasa, CEO, Business Consultancy Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
Entrepreneur Development
Mr. T. M. Jayasekera, International Management Consultant
Project Management
Prof. Gunapala Nanayakkra
Strategic Management and Leadership