Scientifically or systematically conducted research forms the foundation of knowledge. Research is a process which is often seen by many as cumbersome and difficult or tiring. As a process, it entails formulating problem phenomena in a manner that suits investigation, formulating research questions, (and sometimes, hypotheses), designing a framework of investigation, deciding data requirements, data collection and analysis, interpretation of findings, and writing research reports. All these constitute a separate discipline of academic engagement. Many who wish to progress in the academia or in the world of business with the support of new knowledge, have anxiety bothering them how to enter and succeed in the process of research.


GSME’s program of research is conceived with decades of experience in doing research as well as teaching, assisting and supervising others’ research projects for higher degrees or policy and decision purposes. Accordingly, we offer five categories of study and research services:

PhD/DBA/MPhil Degrees

GSME performs the agency function of providing a link with a reputed university to obtain admission to a PhD/DBA/MPhil. Degree in a filed such as management, business, public administration, economics, and education. It is necessary that the applicants possess a university bachelor degree and a master’s degree in the relevant field. The services provided include assistance for completion of application, writing of thesis proposal, facilitating financial payments, and obtaining admission. An application fee is often required with the submission of application. At present, GSME proposes to work with Horizons University in France, which is a reputed and accredited university in the EU. Those who are interested are advised to visit the website of this university and obtain necessary information. Further information regarding applying may be discussed.


The Horizons University offers doctoral degrees either by course work and a thesis, or only by thesis. We recommend the second option, the degree by thesis.

Dissertation Help

Doctoral candidates/MPhil candidates who are registered in universities may seek assistance in the process of their research and completion of writing of theses/dissertations. The ways of assisting include the following:

  • Thesis proposal

    Help you determine a research problem area and develop a proposal suitable for submission to a university for approval. A problem needs to be formulated as a theme, which is different from a topic. A proposal in the deductive research methodology must include a problem statement, its background, dependent and independent variables, hypotheses and a study framework, definition of concepts and variables, etc. A good literature review (references etc. in the APA Style) must be included. The most outstanding feature of an excellent thesis proposal is the connection between thesis argument and a theory chosen from the field to guide the research.

  • Literature review

    Assistance could include search of references through international library databases, learning the review process, use of writing standards (e.g.: APA style), critical discussion of literature, and argumentative writing to support the study framework. Review of relevant theories and selecting a theory to work with in your research is a challenging task that many require assistance. :

  • Study framework

    Many have difficulties in conceptualizing a study framework/theoretical framework to guide the research process and achieve the objectives of research. Such a framework is developed by using the types of variables and formulating a set of hypotheses. The chosen theory may guide the directions involved. Identifying dependent, independent, moderating and mediating variables and understanding their roles is a significant step of this exercise.

  • Field work

    Field work includes determining the methodology, operationalization of variables, selecting data collection instruments, sampling, data collection and tabulation. Some knowledge of statistical methods is required

  • Research communication

    In order to communicate the results of the research, the researcher must successfully complete the steps of data analysis, review of findings within the study framework and hypotheses, discussion in relation to key literature in the problem area, and making logical inferences. Effective writing of the research work, in each chapter, and having visible connections to support the theme throughout the chapters, ending in the number of pages required by the university concerned (usually, 150 to 180 pages or 35,000 to 45,000 words.)

  • Supervisor fees

    A choice of supervisor is available. The fees depend on the subject area, the nature of assistance required and the supervisor, and the fees are negotiable.

Research Help

The areas of research that many require help by way of conceptualizing, skill improvement and literature support include the following:

Some of the above services will be provided free, and others will have a price tag

  • Research Methods Library

    This library carries articles and documents in social science research relating in particular to management, business and education. Who should visit this library and why?
    • Diploma, graduate, and postgraduate students who want to learn about Research Methods. For e.g.: how to write research proposals, problem statements, sample designs, statistical methods, qualitative research, case studies, writing research reports.

  • Research Assistance

    Those who want assistance to improve their research work such as problem selection/definition, proposal writing, etc. or design studies/research projects etc.

  • Dissertations

    A dissertation/thesis writing assistance service is available for university students to progress in their research from early stages to the completion and orally defending their final dissertations/thesis for Masters/PhD degrees